Shameless self promotion... was Poly88 on ebay

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Date: Thu Sep 30 17:42:42 2004

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Bryan Blackburn wrote:

> I wish it were a little more crazy! I have listed one of my systems to
> help raise the money I need to attend the VCF this year, but with less
> than one day to go, it is looking bleak for the digital group. (Here
> comes the plug:) See my auction at:
> Admittedly, the starting bid is higher than the eBay norm, but this is
> the first time a working dg system has appeared on eBay in over five
> years, and is only the seventh to ever sell there. The digital group
> contributed many firsts to the world of personal computing...
> I may be whacked in the head, but what did the Poly 88 innovate other
> than cuteness? Or maybe that doesn't matter because it is has an s-100 buss?

And if you buy this you can bring it to VCF 7.0 and have it signed by Dr.
Robert Suding, the designer of this machine and co-founder of the digital

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