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From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 19:14:32 +0000

> Tony (and others),
> I wonder people (including members on this list) who use the justification,
> that because they (generally) choose to use old hardware that it is a valid

FWOW. I don't 'choose to use old hardware' I use what I consider to be
the best solution I can get (and afford). That does not mean the latest,
it doesn't necessarily mean the oldest.

I do however refuse to use anything I can't fully understand and/or
maintain. This does, alas, rule out much modern computer hardware...

> reason for not making use of features that are available on even mildly
> modern hardware.
> Should movie producers ONLY produce black and white movies because some
> people only have B/W sets?

_VERY_ bad example. All the colour TV stardards were designed to be
'both ways compatible' That is, a colour TV had to be able to correctly
display a B&W signal (this was the easy way, since the set could be
designed to detect the lack of colour information (the 'colour killer'
circuit) and respond accordingly). And also an unmodified B&W TV had to
be able to produce a good (albeit B&W) picture from a colour signal.

People with B&W TVs did not lose out when colour TV signals came along.
THey could still watch them, and get pictures like they'd always got.

> Should newspapers and magazines only use one color, one font, etc because

Interestingly, I stoppd reading one magazine when they started prinitng
in colour. The schematic diagrams printed over 'interesting' coloured
backgrounds gave me a headache. I think others felt likewise, the
magazine stoped being published not long afterwarrds...

Of the magazines I read, the one that could most benefit from colour
would be 'Clocks' (a magazine for people interested in real, mechanical
timepieces). And amazingly it's the one with the fewest colour pages per

> Just because my PDP-8 can't video conference or interact with my whiteboard,
> doesn't mean I shouldn't use them. It would have been quite convient if I
> there had been someone here on the list I could have interactively done
> video with while I was tring to repair my ASR-33's [my mechanical skills are
> limited = klutz]. Ever try to exactly explain what you are seeing when the
> lever jam between the typing unit and the underside of the keycboard in
> plain ascii?

Yes!. You get the partsbook -- I get it off the bookshelf, you download
it from bitsavers (I think) and print it. You then say something like
'Lever 12345 under the carriage is not moving forwards when...' And I say
something like 'Check spring 45321 on the same diagram'.

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