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From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Fri Feb 25 20:23:47 2005

Tony (and others),

 I wonder people (including members on this list) who use the justification,
that because they (generally) choose to use old hardware that it is a valid
reason for not making use of features that are available on even mildly
modern hardware.

Should movie producers ONLY produce black and white movies because some
people only have B/W sets?

Should newspapers and magazines only use one color, one font, etc because
many books do [btw: I just looked in 5 random books all used at least three

My prime reason for being on this list is my resoration of PDP-8 and
related. That does not mean I attempt to do things with it that are not
inline with 1960's 1970's technology [once complete its primary function
will be to control my railroad [n-scale] system similar to what BNLR
(Burlington Northern Local Rail) did in that time frame. For modern things
(like communicating with others in the 21st centuary, I use a nice simple
dual 2Ghz P4 box. For (WinTel) software development a nice cluster of uqad
P4's and some dual Xeons.

Just because my PDP-8 can't video conference or interact with my whiteboard,
doesn't mean I shouldn't use them. It would have been quite convient if I
there had been someone here on the list I could have interactively done
video with while I was tring to repair my ASR-33's [my mechanical skills are
limited = klutz]. Ever try to exactly explain what you are seeing when the
lever jam between the typing unit and the underside of the keycboard in
plain ascii?

And lastly I agreed with Jays bandwith issues on two basic points: the first
is the multiplicative factor of having hundreds or thousands of subscribers.
The second is that high bandwidth pipes usually come with usage charges
unless you own them outright. In theory I could pump out a terabyte from the
datacenter where I host my internet activities in under a day, but if I did
that on a regular basis my cost would exceed $15K/month.

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