HP 2100S microcode blanks?

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Sat Feb 5 08:41:42 2005

I do!

I've actually got the HP plug-in card and programmer to program these
parts. I also have a paper tape of the prom burner diagnostics, and the
interface manual for this set.

I can try to dig out the info, or I can loan you the whole set. If you wish
we can arrange a trade if you want to own this stuff.

The 2100 microcode rom burner can also be used to burn 21MX boot
roms, so there is a chance that they are the same parts.

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Subject: HP 2100S microcode blanks?

> Does anyone have any documentation saying what parts were acceptable for
> microprograming on the 2100S? I can't seem to locate that information.
> I have some sample parts (preprogrammed), but they only have HP specific
> part numbers, and ascending Motorola numbers, so I'm pretty sure those
> don't refer to the blank part only the programmed one; other than Motorola
> being the Mfg.
> All I know at this point is they are motorola 4bit X 256 parts. I would
> think some of the 2100S microprogramming books would state this but so far
> my search has come up empty. If anyone knows... let me know!
> Jay West
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