It's Baaack! The "complete"ly trashed out HP1000F

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Feb 5 17:49:18 2005

> Go for of the HP 9845s on E-bay, there three of them on there and they're
> a lot more interesting.

I've currently got the bottom half (keyboard/processor) of a 9845B in
bits on my workbench. I think I can safely say it's one of the most
complicated desktop machines I've ever had the pleasure of working on,
and it's extremely well designed and built....

Even the PSU is overcomplicated. 2 independant choppers/transformers,
more switchint regulators on some of the outputs, all scattered over 5

If possible, get one with the 'high speed language processor'. The normal
language processor is an HP hybrid module. The high-speed one is 3 boards
of TTL< AMD bit-slice, microcode ROMs, etc. Much more interesting.

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