QBus termination?

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_computer-refuge.org>
Date: Mon Feb 7 20:17:08 2005

Pete Turnbull declared on Monday 07 February 2005 09:09 pm:
> On Feb 7 2005, 20:32, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > The RQDX3 doesn't, but an RQDX[1] does. Also, a BDV11 and an M9400
> An RQDX1 does not terminate the bus. It has one resistor pack, but
> it's not for bus termination. Perhaps you're thinking of the fact
> that an RQDX1 must be the last device on the bus (unless you don't
> care about DMA or interrupts further down) but that's only becasue a
> bug means it doesn't pass BIAK or BDMG. An RQDX2, however, which is a
> modified RQDX1, does pass BIAK and BDMG, doesn't need to be the last
> device on the bus, and often isn't.

Yes, this is what I was thinking of. I stand corrected. :)

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