Troubleshooting RX02

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 14:33:04 2005

> I'm not sure if Kermit is able to transfer an entire disk image.
> Certainly if you can use PIP to copy the disk into an image file
> (on a larger medium), you could Kermit that file.
> If all else fails, I'd be willing to help you write a program to do
> it. A few years ago I started writing one to dump RK05 cartridges
> out the serial port, but the need for it evaporated before I finished
> it.
> I've found that PDP-11 software development is much easier using
> John Wilson's E11 simulator (free demo available) or Bob Supnik's
> SIMH, rather than on a real PDP-11.

I use VTServer to transfer disk images from PDP-11 to PC and
vice-versa. It works well, although slowly, over the serial port.
Others who are fortunate enough to have 9-track tape drives on
both their PDP-11 and their PC use those because it's faster.

Yes, simh is faster and easier for software development. It runs
the PDP-11 OS environments very well and it's faster than the
real hardware (assuming you have a fast PC). I've never used
E11, but have read some about it.

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