Troubleshooting RX02

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 19:04:15 2005

>Ashley Carder wrote:

>>I'm not sure if Kermit is able to transfer an entire disk image.
>>Certainly if you can use PIP to copy the disk into an image file
>>(on a larger medium), you could Kermit that file.
>>If all else fails, I'd be willing to help you write a program to do
>>it. A few years ago I started writing one to dump RK05 cartridges
>>out the serial port, but the need for it evaporated before I finished
>>I've found that PDP-11 software development is much easier using
>>John Wilson's E11 simulator (free demo available) or Bob Supnik's
>>SIMH, rather than on a real PDP-11.
>I use VTServer to transfer disk images from PDP-11 to PC and
>vice-versa. It works well, although slowly, over the serial port.
>Others who are fortunate enough to have 9-track tape drives on
>both their PDP-11 and their PC use those because it's faster.
>Yes, simh is faster and easier for software development. It runs
>the PDP-11 OS environments very well and it's faster than the
>real hardware (assuming you have a fast PC). I've never used
>E11, but have read some about it.
Jerome Fine replies:

I will use SIMH when I do a final checkout
of software for hobby users. Otherwise, I
use E11. Based on my experience, E11 is about
ten times as fast as SIMH, not surprising since
E11 was optimized for speed and written in assembler.
Note that E11 also includes a VT100 emulator as well.
Although there are a few things missing, it runs
extremely well and allows the KED editor to function
correctly with the VT100 application keypad.

I will specify more detail (in another e-mail) on transfers
to and from an emulator on a PC, but I use a Zip drive
or a Sony SMO S-501 drive with a host adapter. The Qbus
host adapter for a PDP-11 is still rather expensive, but
with a 300 MBytes media (300 MBytes per side for a total
of 600 MBytes on both sides), RT-11 is more than satisfied
with over 8 RT-11 partitions. In the past, I backed up
an Hitachi DK515-78 drive of 600 MBytes (with a total of
20 RT-11 partitions) using 1 1/4 SMO media (8 RT-11
partitions on each side of one media and 4 more RT-11
partitions on a second media (which held the extra 4 RT-11
partitions for 3 other drives as well).

As for making a copy of a device, the utility that
RT-11 uses is, if I understand the situation, DUP.SAV
since PIP is used to copy a file to a file. Although
the RT-11 command is:


with the second command being used to copy a device to
a file (or the reverse), in both case, DUP is actually

Note that for PDP-11 hardware addicts, real Qbus or
Unibus hardware (even a PRO3xx) is going to beat an
emulator. But for software addicts like myself, I
run RT-11 on a PC under E11 under Windows 98 SE since
being able to run KED with 132 character text lines
is essential.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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