Emacs genealogy

From: Mike Cesari <mcesari_at_comcast.net>
Date: Wed Feb 9 14:55:43 2005

On Feb 4, 2005, at 12:07 PM, Paul Koning wrote:

>>>>>> "Steven" == Steven M Jones <Steven> writes:
> Steven> I'd say the two big splits were the implementation of Emacs
> Steven> as a standalone editor from TECO, and then the Gosling/GNU
> Steven> split. To a lesser extent one might point to the GNU versus
> Steven> Lucid Emacs / XEmacs fork, but I don't know how divergent
> Steven> they really were, or have remained. Important to note that I
> Steven> think the Lucid Emacs fork is what pushed the FSF to get real
> Steven> window system support into Emacs 19. (It was in by 19, yes?
> Steven> Maybe not until 20, I didn't care that much.)
> GNU Emacs 19 certainly had X support, and there was a Win port of it
> as well. XEmacs works well in both of those environments, too.
> (Unfortunately, it doesn't in Max OS X, yet.)
> There don't seem to be all that many differences unless you're doing
> hairy UI stuff, where things become utterly different. I have a major
> mode (for APL) that is absolutely XEmacs-only; I don't think it's even
> possible to do what it does in GNU Emacs, and certainly it if's
> possible it would be very different.
> paul

If you install "fink" - http://fink.sourceforge.net/ and X11 you can get
Xemacs on MacOS X. Better than that (IMO) is the Aqua-native Emacs
from - http://www.wordtech-software.com/emacs.html
No need to activate X11 just to use a text editor...

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