Ira Goldklang:

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 21:21:04 2005

Tom Jennings wrote:

> And BitTorrent is the current darling of the DRM set. Personally,
> that only *encourages* me to use it, but for actually-copyrighted
> material you'd be handing out free "bust me! make me a media sound
> bite for the enemies of freedom!" business cards.

   I'm glad somebody besides me brought this up. I know several people,
some in the US and one in the UK, who have gotten "desist letters" for
running BitTorrent *clients*.

   One lady swears she had no idea she was sharing her iTunes library.
Given her level of computer literacy, I believe her.

   I'd bet the DRM hawks are running keyword searches, and the kind of
docs and software under discussion would probabably fly right under that
radar, but it's still risky.

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