Goodbye Yahoo! Maps...

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 14:15:20 2005

>Actually, I tried Google Maps, and about half the hits for things like local
>groceries and pharmacies were not correct. Stores I'd never heard of (and
>don't exist), allegedly on suburban cul-de-sacs, etc.

Hey, that's about as useful as the NJ DMV's directions to their State
Headquarters in Trenton... they nicely have a link to a map on
MapQuest... for the WRONG TOWN!!

(That one wasted a day of my time trying to locate them... I wonder if
they ever fixed the web site... I must have complained to 20 different
people about it... alas, this is the NJ DMV, their goal is to generate as
many angry customers as possible).

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