Old square 4-prong wall phone connectors

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Thu Feb 10 16:18:21 2005

> Ashley wrote:
> > Does anyone know where I can find some of the old square 4-prong wall
> > phone connectors / plugs, both the male and female pieces?

> Eric wrote:
> Doesn't Radio Shack sell them any longer? [checking web site...] Wow,
> maybe they don't!
> DEC used these for 20 mA current loop interfaces on DECsystem-10s.
> They called it a "283B" connector. I don't know if that was just
> a DEC designation, or if TPC [*] called it that.
> But wait! Google to the rescue! (As usual.)
> http://www.suttleonline.com/trad_jacks_sfcmount.html
> They seem to have both the sockets (404B-50) and plug (283B-50). So
> that seems to answer my question about the TPC designation.
> SE-404B also found here, along with SE-19B faceplate and SE-44 bracket for
> $13.50:
> http://www.twacomm.com/Catalog/Sort_NAME/Dept_ID_380.htm
> Searching for "283B" on that site turns up a surface mounted 404B
> jack for $5.28, and a 283B plug for $5.97.
> http://www.twacomm.com/Catalog/Model_AT283B.htm


Thanks for the info! I had looked on ebay with no luck, then did some
googling, but I suppose I didn't use the correct terms. I found some
4-prong-to-modular converters, but no pure 4-prong male and female

I am indeed going to use these for 20mA current loop interfaces on
my 11/40 system. I have a 20mA DZ11 (M7814) installed and have
one peripheral, an ASR-33 teletype, connected to that DZ11, but I
have connected it by directly wiring the TTY's terminal block to the
4 screws on a port on the DZ11. Now, if I wish to disconnect, I have
to take the cover off my TTY or roll out the expansion rack that has
my DZ11 distribution panel mounted on the back of it. If I get these
old-fashioned phone-jack connectors, I can just unplug the TTY. I
also plan to install a 1972 HP 7210A plotter on a 20mA line to the
11/40 once I figure out which pins on the connector on the back of
the plotter are for the xmit +/- and recv +/-.

We used those old 4-prong jacks in out PDP-11 computer center
at Wofford College in the 1970s. They were prominently visible on
the walls above and behind the VT50 and LA36 terminals. I thought
it would be neat to use the same kind of jacks in my re-creation of
that 1970s computer center. It would give the old guys that "retro"
feeling when they sit down at the VT52 and see the square plug
mounted on the wall in front of them.

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