Goodbye Yahoo! Maps...

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Date: Thu Feb 10 16:46:01 2005

> On the MA license, your last name is first in green capital latters on its
> own line, then you first name then the next line has your address... The
> person entering my name put it as "Bryan R Charles" where "Charles" is the
> name of a street I used to live on.. *sigh* Then when I pointed it out,
> they worked to change it, but then started giving me problems cause my

There was a hilariously funny "King of the Hill" on two Sundays ago where
Hank gets accidentally put into the DMV's computers as being Female, then
has to go through several cycles of forms, doctors visits, and "not that
there's anything wrong with that" jokes to get it fixed. The Department
of Homeland Security is prominent in the wacky antics. Highly recommended.

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