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From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 20:24:36 2005

  I just got back from the first day of the Orlando hamfest. Today was just
a setup day but I did find a couple of interesting things. The first was an
interesting little book called State of the Art, A Photgraphic History of
the Integrated Circuit by Stan Augarten. It has numerous photographs of
transistors and ICs that were milestones in the electronics industries. And
the photos show the actual silicon dies not the meaningless outside
package. Photomicrographies include: The first Point Contact Transistor
(1947), The first IC (1958), the 907 Resistor Transistor Logic IC (1963),
the first semiconductor OP Amp (1965), the first 256 bit Static RAM the
4100 (1970), The first Microprocessor the 4004 (1971) and lots more. This
is a cool little book, everyone here should take a look at it if they can
find a copy.

  Also found an orginal IBM Joystick to go with my orginal IBM PC. Also
earlier this week I picked up a 2nd original IBM PC and two Intel 86/330
computers (Multibus systems with 8086 CPU cards and an 8" floppy disk and
an 8" hard disk). This PC is particularly nice. It still has the two
original full height IBM marked floppy drives and also has a Mountain
Computer 30 Mb Drive Card, a Hayes MODEM card, an AST SixPac Premium card
plus the original IBM CGA card and the original IBM floppy drive controller
card with the port on the back for the external disk drives. Looks like
it's going to be another good week for collecting!

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