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From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Feb 10 20:45:16 2005

Joe Rigdon wrote:
> I just got back from the first day of the Orlando hamfest. Today was just
> a setup day but I did find a couple of interesting things. The first was an
> interesting little book called State of the Art, A Photgraphic History of
> the Integrated Circuit by Stan Augarten. It has numerous photographs of
> transistors and ICs that were milestones in the electronics industries. And
> the photos show the actual silicon dies not the meaningless outside
> package. Photomicrographies include: The first Point Contact Transistor
> (1947), The first IC (1958), the 907 Resistor Transistor Logic IC (1963),
> the first semiconductor OP Amp (1965), the first 256 bit Static RAM the
> 4100 (1970), The first Microprocessor the 4004 (1971) and lots more. This
> is a cool little book, everyone here should take a look at it if they can
> find a copy.

It's online at <> too.

Page 68 is the FOCUS CPU chip used in the HP9000 series 500!

-Frank McConnell
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