Ebay Packing Jobs

From: Pete Bartusek <pbmain_at_wideopenwest.com>
Date: Sat Feb 12 08:02:44 2005

My favorite ebay packing job was a 5.25" disk drive I received, packaged in
twigs. Yes, a box, a pile of twigs surrounding a plastic apple 5.25" drive.
Seller thought they were some sort of benefit to society by recycling
instead of using plastic peanuts. The other two packing jobs that took
2nd/3rd place were both retro computers...one an atari, another a mac...one
was packed with some old tableclothes (single layer, not folded over), the
other was just set right in a box with the keyboard and mouse taped with
cheap plastic packaging tape holding the and keyboard against the plastic
cpu - no cushion at all. All three times the sellers were in disbelief with
me being upset... All three times things were broken, and with over a
thousand transactions on ebay...the only ones with problems were these retro
computer deals. One man's junk is another one's treasure, I think that's
half the problem...

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