11/45 progress

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue Feb 15 18:27:09 2005

> > I hope you unscrewed the stand-off from, the CPU chassis first...
> *grin* most definitely
> > Simple. An M930 (or I guess one of the boot/terminator cards) in the A/B
> > slots of the front slot (1) of the CPU backplane. A similar terminator
> > card in the A/B slot of the Unibus Out of the last Unibus backplane (if
> > just the CPU, put it in slot 28).
> I have a terminator in the front slot top, but the other end confuses me a
> bit. My cpu backplane had a ribbon jumper from it's last slot to the MF11L,
> which then in it's last slot a ribbon cable went to an external rackmount
> custom built thing. I assume there would be a terminator on that thing.
> There is, it's a dec card, but no handles. Tiny little thing about 3 inches
> by 5 inches, but it's obviously a terminator. I didn't know if this

That sounds like an M930 terminator, which is what you want.

> terminator at the end should go in the A/B slot of the MF11L (removing the
> ribbon cable to the external DA custom built thing and putting this in it's
> place), I assume that would be correct.


> I do have the KW11L. Some of my reading indicated it had something to do
> with the M7800? Not sure.

Not really. The M7800 is the DL11 console terminal interface card. There
is a combined card (M7856 or something like that -- a DL11-W, anyway)
which is the DL11 and the KW11-L on one card. It tends to turn up in
11/34 systems. It can be used in the 11/45 system, but if you have a
KW11-L, you disamble the line time clock on the DL11-W.

> My biggest problem is being unfamiliar with DEC documentation. I'm so used
> to the way HP docs are organized and laid out. I'm in learning mode where

QWell, I didn't have that problem when I started on my 11/45. I was
equally unfamilliar with DEC and HP docs :-).

On ther other hand, I was 'thown in at the deep end' by being given a CPU
(with PSUs, FPU, MMU), a 32KW Plessey RAM card (which could actually be
populated up to 124kW), a few M792 diode matrix ROMs, a random 4-slot
backplane (which was not standard Unibus), the prints for the DEC stuff
_and nothing else_. No user manuals, no instruction set (other than I
could deduce from the listingsi n the M792 prints), no list like this
one. I got it working... If I can do it, so can you!

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