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From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Feb 14 16:13:13 2005

> Don't get me wrong, I understand completely. But in this case, with
> photos showing the damage, and considering it'll cost at least another $30
> to have this shipped back to her, the question is WHY? What the hell is
> she going to do with a 40 pound pile of crap?

The most important reason is to make sure it is the same unit shipped
out. There are plenty of nasty customers out there that will do a
switcheroo trick, in order to "exchange" a broken unit for a nice
one. When I was at US Robotics, I knew guys in the RMA department (we
would roam the halls at lunch for free pizza), and they received all sorts
of "modems" from customers. Some were just appropriately sized chunks of
2x4s, others were truely impressive fakes (PCMCIA cards made out of
plastic, even with printed labels, all shrunk wrap and packed exactly as
they left the factory).

The point is to have the return request be a deterrent. You might be
suprised how many buyers instantly back down and disappear once a seller
makes the request.

William Donzelli
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