11/45 progress

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Tue Feb 15 21:19:25 2005

Tony wrote...
> That sounds like an M930 terminator, which is what you want.
Just found the fine print on the card today... M930C. That's what I have in
the front slot, and in the "last" slot of the odd rackmount DA stuff. I
moved it to the last slot of the MF11-L.

I had written....
>> I do have the KW11L. Some of my reading indicated it had something to do
>> with the M7800? Not sure.
Actually, I lied. On closer inspection - it's apparently a KW11P (M7228 in
any case)

> QWell, I didn't have that problem when I started on my 11/45. I was
> equally unfamilliar with DEC and HP docs :-).
Yeah... example... I know the cpu backplane includes a tiny number of unibus
slots. I'll be damned if I can find docs that show exactly which slots (I
know they are at the end)... how many, all quad, some quad some hex...
SURELY they don't make you go to the backplane wiring diagrams. Surely the
KB11A (the early /45 cpu, I think that's the right designation {going from
memory, I do have the right one}) manual will simply say how many and what
kind of unibus slots are "built in" and what slots they are. I'm still going
through it, but no obvious hints so far.

Still trying to find out how I determine if the memory in my /34 will work
in my 45. It is plugged into... I think it's the 3rd slot on the /34. Non
DEC memory. That slot is labled SPC/MUD. So what is SPC/MUD in relation to
Unibus, hum? The term "modified unibus" doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I
hear some /34 memory will work in the /45, some wont... unless you build a
custom backplane or something (I think to get MUD slots)? So just which
manual do I go to for this kind of info?

>From some of the reading I've done... it appears that even if I AM by chance
able to find the unibus memory boards I need, I will still need to find this
"segmentation thingy"... to allow memory over 32kw. Yay. Bet that's
unobtainium! Oh well... it CANT be as bad as it was finding the bits and
pieces for 2000/Access :)

> one. I got it working... If I can do it, so can you!
Uh.... yeah. Right.

But I am going to give it my best :) Besides, I know all you DEC'ies are
chanting under your breath "Jay... come over to the dark side...."

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