Smallest TCP/IP code?

From: Bruce Ray <>
Date: Thu Feb 17 21:44:02 2005

G'day Tom -

A commercial TCP/IP stack is already available from a company in Boston for
the Data General Nova and Eclipse running the RDOS operating system. Please
contact me off-list for the full info on where you can plead your case for
an "educational discount" from the folks involved.

Note they use the Micom NI4040 Ethernet card that is described in the
'Micom_NI4040.tif' file on your DVDROM.

A C compiler that recognizes the original K & R syntax is available for the
Nova/Eclipse RDOS courtesy of IPT Corporation; we (Wild Hare) have been
named the "official legacy archivists" for the company and are trying to
find and resurrect all versions of the IPT software.

IPT also marketed a UNIX system for the Desktop Generation(!) - ECLIX - but
we have not found copies anywhere and IPT threw out all its copies and
documentation many, many years ago. If anybody has information about this
please let us know!


Wild Hare Computer Systems, Inc.

...preserving the Data General legacy:

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Subject: Smallest TCP/IP code?

> Any ideas on what the smallest/easiest to port TCP and IP code
> might be? I keep having this abberant idea of writing TCP/IP code
> for the Data General Nova, for RDOS, for a mapped
> foreground/background system.
> A telnet or ftp server could run in userland, and have access to
> what that user would. Probably SLIP to some unix host via a tty
> interface.
> It might be impossible to find a C compiler for this thing, so
> unless someone has a cross-platform compiler it would have to be
> hand coded.
> I have never coded such a thing. Assuming I can clip the feature
> set to an excruciating minumum (no sliding windows, etc) how
> complex would it be?
> I'm thinking it would simply be a program manually (or CLI) run
> locally, which would "listen" on the TCP port of the SLIP driver.
> I'm not even worried about multiple simultaneous connections, it's
> not like I have to turn it into a webserver or something, just be
> able to get into it at all.
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