Looking for a DOS program called pianoplayer

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Sun Feb 20 13:11:59 2005

William Layer wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 19:23:31 -0600
> Jim Leonard <trixter_at_oldskool.org> wrote:
>>William Layer wrote:
>>>I had a brief affair with the Toshiba T1000 machines;
>>This sounds like a perfect machine to do some oldskool DOS 8088 programming on
>>while on trips... Do the batteries in these kinds of things still work and/or
>>can be reconditioned? If not, are there any portable small 8088/8086 laptops
>>(other than the HP palmtops, which still command a premium for some reason)
>>that use conventional batteries?
> The battery for the T1000 machines is a simple little pack, built from four (4) C-cell NiCads.. should be pretty easy to rebuild it. "Batteries Plus" quoted me $39 to make one, which is pretty fair, but a DIY-er could do it much cheaper than that. I've also seen one of these machines with an externally mounted 6v gel-cell battery; it was used at an Amateur Radio Field Day event.
> IIRC, they ran for about 8 hrs on a charge; modern cells may perform better than this.

My T1000ex runs for about two *weeks* on the four emergency positioning
beacon (EPIRB) batteries in the soft case. Each one is about the size
of my fist. This assumes the hard drive spins down after a day or so.

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