Yay, partial success!

From: gordonjcp_at_gjcp.net <(gordonjcp_at_gjcp.net)>
Date: Sun Feb 20 05:38:04 2005

> I would think the easier test is to yank the SLU. Since the SLU test is
> before the comprehensive memory test, the LED indicators would show a
> different pattern.

Well, yeah. That was one of the things I did, and what led to some
initial confusion. SLU in, D3 is on. SLU out, D3 *and* D4 is on. But
according to the manual (and the dead tree copy I now have is the same) D3
is the SLU, D4 is the memory. A site I now can't find had a description
of the status LEDs that said that D3 was memory, and D4 was the SLU, but
since *everything else* said it was the other way round I didn't believe

Then I tried jumpering my 32k board to start at 00000, and plugged it in,
and it all burst into life. So, there you go. The world says one thing,
one man says something different, it turns out the world actually is

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