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gordonjcp_at_gjcp.net wrote:
> SLU in, D3 is on. SLU out, D3 *and* D4 is on. But
> according to the manual (and the dead tree copy I now have is the same) D3
> is the SLU, D4 is the memory. A site I now can't find had a description
> of the status LEDs that said that D3 was memory, and D4 was the SLU, but
> since *everything else* said it was the other way round I didn't believe
> it.

A later version of the manual has corrected this section.

EK-KDJ1A-UG-002, "KDJ11-A CPU Module User's Guide"

The module has four LEDs that monitor the status of the module. The LEDs
are designated as D1 through D4 and are located on the edge of the
module, as shown in Figure 2-1. The D1 LED is turned on only when the
module is operating in the micro-ODT mode. LEDs D2-D4 are used during
the power-up sequence. These LEDs are turned on at the beginning of the
sequence and are turned off upon the successful pass of the diagnostic.
Each LED monitors a primary function of the module operation, as
described in Table 2-4. When troubleshooting the system, the LEDs
indicate the most probable failure, as described in Table 2-5.

Table 2-4 LED Functions
LED on Test Conditions
D1 Micro-ODT is entered.

D2 Module could not do a write and read transaction to the CPU
         error register. Indicates the microcode is not running.

D3 Module attempted to read location 0 and timed out or attempted
         to read location 17 777 700 and did not time out. Indicates the
         memory system is not responding.

D4 Module attempted to read location 17 777 560 and timed out.
         Indicates SLU is not responding.

Table 2-5 Probable System Failure
D1 D2 D3 D4 Probable Failure
X On On On CPU module
X Off On On LSI-11 bus
X On Off On CPU module
X Off Off On SLU module
X On On Off CPU module
X Off On Off Memory module
X On Off Off CPU module
X Off Off Off Console terminal

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