My ongoing Nova 4/X saga...

From: jim stephens <>
Date: Sun Feb 20 19:17:49 2005

Tom Jennings wrote:

> <snip>
> The others I replaced with kitchen saran wrap. Three of them
> worked just fine; I was able to adjust for 10" and 20" of water,
> they seem quite stable. Time will tell if the new membranes will
> hole, saran might "creep" with time. If they pop I'll find
> another material.

I use a gizmo when sleeping called a CPAP machine. the reason
it is interesting is that the mask involved is disposable, and has some
excellent membrane material similar to latex that would be a perfect
sort of thing for what I think you are repairing.

Also, heavier chemical latex gloves, not the medical ones would
be usable. I have a large supply of them and could send you a set
to cut up if you don't have a source.

BTW, I am the proud owner of your ASR33 from tucson days,
and am now getting an urge to get it out and set up and see how
it runs. it has been buried in john b's and my pile since it came
to roost there.

Hope you get this going, it is interesting what is going on. john and
I have the univac iii system that was discussed at length and we would
like to put into operation at least two of the Uniservo tape drives,
so your saga with the vacumn system is interesting. I think the
may be simpler in that respect, but the electronics wont be.

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