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Date: Fri Feb 25 13:45:12 2005

> a) Pretty fonts?
> What does that improve for email?

Readability, Emphasis, Organization [imagine reading a newspaper or magazine is EVERYTHING was 10pt Courier....

> b) Text in colors?
> What does that improve for email?

Emphasis again.

> c) pictures?
> You get that now via attachments...
> but pictures on mailing lists is bad mojo no matter what.

Most list List do not support attachments....

> d) Tables?
> You can do that now with tabs.

You want to try to align a significant table?

> What is actually *gained* thanks to the extra bandwidth used?
> [[ And yes, I see *you* have broadband, but at home, I don't yet
> have it (and I *OWN* an ISP!!!) and I've asserted many times --
> It's not your or my bandwidth I'm concerned with -- it's Jay's!

Jays bandwidth issues I can readily agree with. Within the US [and I am well aware that this is an international list], the number of places where broadband is not available at a fairly reasonable price is becoming almost insignificant.

btw: Although I am listed on this list with a cable modem e-mail, it is not the only nor fastest connection Ihave to the net. If I am doing significant work, I remotely access a machine at my datacenter and have full access to multiple fiber channels [DS4 or better].
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