Need NEC APC manuals

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Feb 25 13:20:47 2005

Hi Sellam,

   If you can find the manuals is there a chance of getting them scanned? I
have an APC and I'd like to look at them too. Also do you have any boot
disks for the APC? Don Maslin made a couple for me but I think his drive
was out of alignment and I can only get them to read on every 50th try.


At 06:07 AM 2/25/05 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone have manuals for the NEC APC? I have them, or at least I used
>to. They're here somewhere. I quite literally tore through my warehouse
>tonight looking for them. I must've opened over a hundred boxes. Didn't
>find them.
>I once used my APC to dump a bunch of source code from some 8" CP/M disks
>over the serial port using PIP. I remember I had to do something special
>to setup the COMM port to do this. I've tried messing with STAT to assign
>the AXO: port (equivalent to PTP: on most CP/M versions) but nothing I do
>works. When I do pip axo:=b:filename.txt it reads the file and then locks
>up. I can't break or anything to interrupt it. Nothing comes over the
>serial port on my PC end and I don't see any lights blinking on my
>breakout box.
>I've been trying to get this son of a bitch to work for months now. But
>every time I'm thwarted, and then I look a bit for my manuals where they
>should be and they aren't there. So either there's a small pile of boxes
>I still didn't touch tonight and therefore they are still out there
>somewhere, or they were raptured.
>Anyway, if anyone has the manuals, I need the section on PIP and STAT and
>anything having to do with the serial ports.
>Another useful bit of info to know is if there's some test I can do with
>PIP or some other utility to send characters down the serial line without
>locking up the damn machine. Any ideas?
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