From: James Fogg <>
Date: Sat Feb 26 12:40:11 2005

Not nearly as interesting as some...

Born at the end of 1962.

My interests were always hardware, and that led to telecommunications
and datacommunications.

At a very early age I started with tube audio gear. Eventually worked my
way up to an amateur recording studio in my teens.

During this time I also had a strong interest in radio, mostly
shortwave. Eventually got my amateur radio ticket.

I built a very basic computer from an 8080A in the mid 70's from parts
my brother brought home from work. I had access to a DEC PDP11/?? at my
brothers work, I mostly played games. The PDP was traded for a Data
General Eclipse, and more and better games. My family bought an
Apple ][+, learned BASIC, played more games.

I went on to non-technical jobs due to a lack of funding for a college
education. Eventually I returned to school in 1984 for an Associates.
The school was supported by DEC, learned lots of DEC PDP and VAX
goodness, mostly hardware. Also learned assembler on the PDP11/34a.

I then set about putting companies out of business. Every company I
joined eventually floundered. Pr1me, Proteon, Terminal Data Corp (high
speed image scanners), Motorola (I only succeeded in killing a
division), a small telco/networking reseller in PA, and Vicinity Corp
(not really dead, but bought by Microsoft - worse than dead).

All were hardware positions, and beginning with Proteon all were data
networking and telco related.

I am now self-employed and hoping I don't put myself out of business ;-)
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