From: woodelf <>
Date: Sat Feb 26 12:40:40 2005

O. Sharp wrote:

>I'm 44, born 1960, and first got the "bug" with a PDP-8/I they had in high
>school. Happily, a year or so after I graduated they made the switch to
>micros and I was able to get that selfsame 8/I, documentation, paper
>tapes, service log and all. I'm still hopeful of finding a -12 to
>supplement it. :)
Well I'll be 45 this spring -- Now I don't feel so old.
Well I'mm still looking to build a computer since about 1973, and only now
got the time. Well I got to use a PDP 8/E and PDP 8/S but getting old iron
was something I have no luck with. Anybody got real I/O devices for sale
in Canada.
Ben alias Woodelf.
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