How the Mac was born... supposedly...

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Date: Thu Jan 13 15:58:32 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Tom Jennings wrote:

> > Are you saying that Linux wasn't around in 1994?
> I know it *existed* then, and for a couple of years. I don't recall
> it being a player though, like the little unixes were. Once they
> were ported you got the whole thing.

I recall differently. By the start of 1994 I had a a Linux box running on
a spare 486 with a modem (two actually IIRC), a fully functional TCP/IP
stack and PPP so I could connect to my friend's burgeoning Linux ISP. And
I still have that box with a ton of pr0n on it that could have only come
from the Usenet to prove this all ;)

> This is bordering on religion, I don't care enough about the

I think it may be more a case of differing recollections, but more than
that, different experiences, influences, and environments. It is clear
that there were a lot of options in the early 1990s, but which ones were
the most viable, and which ones contributed most to the explosive growth
of the internet?

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