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From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 12:42:06 2005

Rumor has it that Teo Zenios may have mentioned these words:

>This site has the specs for just about anything Amiga related (hardware).


>The 4000T uses a 5 pin DIN plug for a keyboard (same as the Amiga 2000) and
>can be found on eBay used for $20 + shipping.
>The 4000 Desktop uses a PS/2 type plug but is not PS/2 compatible.

Ah, all the auctions I saw listed them as Amiga 2000 only - I thought they
were different from the 4000T keyboards.

That'll make things a bit less expensive... ;-)

>If you want a decent keyboard for the 4000T I suggest a Northgate Omnikey
>Ultra (I use this on my 2000), it has switches for using it on a multiple
>machines including the Amiga. Of course it will cost quite a bit more then
>$20 on eBay.

If I get serious about the Amiga, I'll prolly invest in one of those in the
future; I *love* my IBM Model 'M' keyboards, it seems the Northgate use
similar keyswitches. Until then, I found an auction with A2000 keyboards
for under $20 shipped; I didn't know these were operationally similar.

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