Good news, bad news... Amiga News!

From: Jim Leonard <>
Date: Thu Jan 20 20:00:31 2005

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> If I get serious about the Amiga, I'll prolly invest in one of those in
> the future; I *love* my IBM Model 'M' keyboards, it seems the Northgate

I love my model Ms as well. :) I have an A4000 set up right now, right next
to me, and looking at the keyboard there are definitely some changes: Function
keys are grouped F1-F5, F6-F10. No F11 or F12. There is a DEL and HELP button
where the normal 6-button cluster above the inverted T arrow keys would be.
Numeric keypad has NOT numlock, /, *, - but rather "( ) / *". So I don't know
if a regular keyboard will work but you can always give it a try.
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