Interesting to note about Altairs...

From: Arfon Gryffydd <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 15:21:56 1999

> History will place
>a very different value on their Altair because of what Linux will do to
>Microsoft, far less than the tens of thousands that I imagine some people
>think they may be worth some day.

        Before I speak, let me point out that I am a rabid supporter of Linux and
I wish all bad things to Bill Gates, the powers that drive Micro$oft,
Micro$oft and Windblows. Now that I put that disclaimer out, Linux doesn't
have a chance against Micro$oft. The vast majority of computer users (now
and in the future) are idiots who don't care to learn anything other that
'click on this little picture to make it go'. Linux will do some damage in
the server market and other places where you have to have someone with some
computer smarts but, most corporate purse strings are again controlled by
those same 'click-idiots'.

        I really wish GNU would take a good command line OS (like CP/M), make it
32/64 bit, and multi-tasking/user and add a GUI and try and compete with


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