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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 16:50:51 1999

Arfon wrote:
> The vast majority of computer users (now and in the future) are idiots who
> don't care to learn anything other that 'click on this little picture to
> make it go'.

You'll get no argument from me here.

> Linux will do some damage in the server market and other places where you
> have to have someone with some computer smarts but, most corporate purse
> strings are again controlled by those same 'click-idiots'.

A lot of corporations are switching to Linux for servers. Are you saying
that the server purchases are controlled by different purse strings than
the desktop machines, or are you saying that even 'click-idiots' realize
that Linux is better for servers?

> I really wish GNU would take a good command line OS (like CP/M), make it
> 32/64 bit, and multi-tasking/user and add a GUI and try and compete with
> Winblows.

Aside from being based on CP/M (which is actually in most regards even a more
feeble excuse for an operating system than MS-DOS), how is what you're
proposing any different than Linux with Gnome (or KDE)?

Why do you think CP/M is a better base than Linux?

I actually *like* CP/M, for what it was designed and intended for.
I just think that trying to add bags on the side in an attempt to turn it
into a "real system" will only result in a nasty kludge with lots of bags
on the side. After all, that's exactly how the Microsoft stuff got to
where it is today. So if GNU started today on a project like you're
proposing, in 18 years we would have GNU Windows, which would be every
bit as crufty and unreliable as MS Windows NT and 98 are now.

On the other hand, by improving the Linux installation process, the Gnome
or KDE desktops, and adding support for more hardware, the Linux user
experience can be made just as compelling as Windows is now.

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