HP9000/832 & HP-UX 10.20 update (was something else)

From: ss_at_allegro.com <(ss_at_allegro.com)>
Date: Tue Mar 9 19:32:51 1999

> Stan Sieler wrote about the HP 9000/832:
> > The memory boards are not HP proprietary,
> I assume that by this you meant that there are third parties making compatible
> RAM boards? Because it's certainly not the case that you can just throw in

Yes. Kelly Computer Systems made some for it, and I think a German memory company made some, too.
And you're right, ordinary old memory won't work.

As for getting HP-UX 10.20, I forgot how one can wander around in
twisty little passages all different... go to:
Click on those little "Section 1" and Section 2" links, and the "Sign one Software License
Agreement" link.

BTW, I had no fancy proof of purchase, nor any other HP provided paperwork.
I sent them the model and serial number off the back of the my HP 9000s. For
"proof of purchase" I did two things: (1) for one computer, sent a copy of
the surplus store receipt where I'd bought the thing (WeirdStuff Warehouse);
and (2) for the other computer, sent a letter stating I'd bought it used from

Stan Sieler
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