From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Wed Mar 10 23:11:48 1999

  Out in the Garage of Forgotten Hardware, there languishes a
Hazeltine Modular One.. much as Frank described it... one-piece
boxy base with CRT housing sitting on top of a large square
pedestal; detached keyboard with large multi-way round cable
permanently affixed. IIRC, it is green hi-persistence, but I
haven't had it on since the early 80's... I bought it at an
electronics swapmeet to use for Amateur Packet Radio. It must be
from the mid-70's.. tho it's buried too deep to get it down and
open it up to see.

  Today's find: someone saw a vintage Leading Edge Model D at a yard
sale and bought it for me... $5 including gorgeous amber monitor,
keyboard and mouse. It took a few power-cycles to wake up the hard
drive... but it's whirring contentedly beside me as I type... it has
MS Word 5.5 and Symphony loaded, and tons of files I have yet to
peruse. I had forgotten how much I like amber screens... and to
think I wanted to buy one of these when they first came out.. but I
was an order of magnitude too poor. Anyone remember the back-cover
Leading Edge ads in Infoworld.. something to the effect of: "History
Will Record as Profound Irony that the Most IBM-Compatible PC Was Not
Made by IBM.." or something like that. Sic Transit Technology.


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