Big Commodore PET Haul - trades? for sale?

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 21:55:35 1999

> Hmm.... I _do_ have a 25Mhz NeXT slab (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, no
> RAM or HD). I had been planning on keeping it in the event that someday
> I ran across an OS CD, but I must say that I am not really using it. It
> might be available for trade if it came to that.

Hmm, what is required to duplicate an OS disk for an old NeXT cube? If
memory serves, they used some sort of optical disk. Are those still avaiable
for a reasonable price,and is duplicating a boot disk fairly straightforward?

I know we still have one NeXT at work, though I think someone claimed it
from the junk pile last summer... and I know I saw what looked like a boot
cartridge... Its probably a very old version of the OS though.

-Lawrence LeMay
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