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Date: Mon Mar 22 23:58:35 1999

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Megan wrote:

> All this talk of museums... I've been toying with the idea of trying
> to set up something like that... Along the lines of RCS/RI...
> I was wondering how such groups got started... how did/do they afford
> storage places...

My 1200sqft is very cheap at the moment (i.e. free) and I am able to take
advantage of great deals on accoutrements like ~1600sqft of steel shelving
for $200 by always trying to be in the right place at the right time.
Of course it wouldn't be entirely possible without the help of a great
group of collector's over here in the bay area that lend a generous hand
without too much prodding :)

> What I've been thinking of is a place where people can put their
> systems on display -- static while being worked on, with help
> from volunteers, and dynamic once working. At least when working
> I would hope that people could use a terminal to use/program it.

I'm setting up basically an old technology renaissance center. A place
where hackers, nerds and geeks can go on weekends to work together on old
computers (and other old technology, but mostly computers), search through
the library of "obsolete" technical documentation I'm assembling for
informational or just recreational reading, and share their passions with
fellow enthusiasts. I hope to have it ready for the first general
assembly by the summer time (June or thereabouts).

> Obviously, not everyone would be allowed to actually touch the
> innards of a system or the removable bits... that would be
> reserved for those who have an expressed interest/knowledge of
> a specific system. Otherwise, people would have to settle for
> terminal access, or supervised access.

And ideally you'll train the ones who express an interest in wanting to
attain the knowledge necessary to be able to touch the innards. The whole
premise of my establishment is to be a center of learning.

> I was thinking of contacting the current owners of the Maynard
> Mill to see if there was any possibility of donation of (or
> reduced rental) on a space there... it would be neat if some
> DEC systems could return home for display...
> What do people think?

I think its a wonderful idea. More people should devote their time to
this sort of endeavor.

> What if we had a 'chain' of said museums, run by members of
> the classiccmp list, all over the country... would make it
> easier to have VCF-east,south, midwest, etc...

It would certainly make long trips to distant relatives more bearable for
us geeks if we knew there was a computer hacker's center nearby.

> Pardon my ramblings... I guess I'm disappointed with the
> Boston Computer Museum, some of what I've heard about the
> Computer Museum at Moffett field is criminal, plus it is
> too far away as is VCF, and with my schedule I've been unable
> to get to RCS/RI...

Passion and vision is all it takes.

> (plus, I know my partner would like to see me move some of my
> collection out... :-)

Much of my reason for moving my stuff out of the garage was that it just
became entirely unwieldy. The secondary reason was my wife's constant
nagging. Wives just don't get it I guess. I wonder if Allison's husband
nags her about her garage? :)

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