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Date: Tue Mar 23 17:28:25 1999


  Thanks for posting this but I've never had ANY luck with HP's parts
identification. I recently called about something for a HP9825 and they
swore they'd never made a 9825. Funny since I have about 8 of them sitting
here! They have also told me that there was NEVER a service manual for the
9815 (and others). I later found one. As I said, I have NEVER gotten any
help from them. It's a waste of a time to call them IMO.

  Thanks for the suggestion of the FRD. I'd heard of that but didn't know
how to get ahold of them.

   BTW for any of you that try to locate docs for HP stuff, don't forget to
ask if they have a PN for the doc on micro-fiche. I've gotten lucky a
couple of times and got docs on fiche that weren't available on paper.


At 01:52 PM 3/23/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Here's some handy phone numbers...
>HP Service Parts Identification: 916-783-0804
>I don't know for sure if this number is for public dissemination, but I know
>they don't ask for a reseller number or anything when you call. They can
>identify part numbers for you, cross reference part numbers, etc. Generally
>they can also translate mfg. part numbers to replacement (refurb, etc.) part
>numbers too. You can get some info just via touch tones, but eventually you
>can get a real human to look things up for you. This number even has
>selections for the 1000 series, test and measurement, medical, etc...
>HP Direct: 800-227-8164
>This number is for ordering ANY hp parts. They ask for a reseller number,
>but this is only to determine discount levels. They will sell to the general
>public (those without a reseller number) but only at list price. So - this
>number is definitely "open to the public" as long as you don't mind paying
>Generally when a product is discontinued HP clears the shelves and trashes
>anything past the EOS (end of support) date. However, when you call HP
>Direct if the product is not stocked and no longer made, I suggest you ask
>them for the number for FRD. This is their division which handles
>remanufactured gear (I don't have the number with me at the moment). They
>might have that 1972 widget on a shelf... :)
>There is also a strictly touch tone part ID phone number which I used to
>have but lost. One of these days I'll ask another CE for it. You punch in
>the part number and a recording tells you what the product is, what major
>assembly it goes with, updated (replacement) part numbers, etc. Anyone have
>Finally, if anyone needs a really tough HP part number tracked down, just
>let me know. I can get access indirectly to the HP internal parts database
>(PAL) which has every part HP ever made in it. I even tested it out with a
>dust cover plug from an HP41C calculator and it brought it right up. I don't
>want to abuse this route with my contact - but if anyone needs that on rare
>occasion feel free to contact me.
>Jay West
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