PS/2s nicer than expected; some questions

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 08:43:57 1999

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>I was impressed with the build quality and design of the machines (the
>power supply in the M95 XP486 for example: undo one butterfly screw and the
>whole thing swivels out, allowing easy access to the drive bays) and with

        Yeppers. I've got a Model 85 and a 95 here.

        If your M95 came with a Type 4 CPU complex, I'm really going to get
jealous! ;-)

>1) Why did Microchannel fail so completely? From a user point of view it
>seems quite nice.

        It was. Most folks, myself included, believe it failed because IBM wanted
to keep the patent on it and wouldn't license it for anything less than a
king's ransom to anyone else. On top of that, even after the license, they
wanted to extract royalties for every MCA-capable machine built.

        The only other maker that I know of that built MCA-slot machines was NCR
with some of their larger servers.

        In essence, IBM's own greed and arrogance killed MCA in the market. Had
they declared it 'open,' as ISA was, I firmly believe we'd all be MCA'ers
to this day.

>2) Can MFM or IDE drives be used with an ESDI controller, or do the drives
>have to be ESDI drives?

        No, they must be ESDI drives. The only thing ESDI has in common with
MFM/RLL is the cabling.

>3) Anybody know if the 486DX33 on the processor board can be replaced with
>an Overdrive chip to make it at least a 486/66; or, does IBM still run
>their parts depot in Boulder for old machines?

        You should be able to up it to at least a DX2-66. However, don't count on
an overdrive chip running in the thing. PS/2's are notoriously picky about
their hardware.

>but the system won't boot from the hard drive alone. If I boot with a
>floppy in the drive, I can access the HD and run programs off of it. But
>without a floppy, nothing works. Any ideas?

        I've seen behavior like that before. It usually means the hard drive is

        As it turns out, I have a spare hard drive for a P70/386 that's just
gathering dust here. Perhaps we can work a trade or a cheap sale? I promise
I won't gouge. ;-)

        Another option is to install a third-party SCSI adapter, such as an
Adaptec 1640 or Future Domain card, and stick a SCSI drive in there. Bear
in mind that you'll need to do some minor mechanical surgery to the drive
bracket since the holes are non-standard spacing.

        Can you tell I just went through all this? ;-) Yes, I have a nice P70
portable that has, thanks to installation of a 486 upgrade card and SCSI
adapter, been converted to be a portable testbed for SCSI devices.

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