Floor tiles

From: Ward D. Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Wed Mar 31 15:41:02 1999

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Hans Franke wrote:

> YOu are right, but it is still a doubble floor tile - The lower side is
> typical metal coated to reduce (radio) noise, transmited from the large
> antennas ...err... cables below :) - and floor tiles wit carpet tiles
> atop are usual for 'high quality' computer rooms - don't forget, banks,
> insurence companies and similar sites have a standard to maintain...

Hmm? The banks, insurance companies and similar sites _I've_ worked
in reserved the image for public areas -- the computer rooms not
coming under that heading. The computer rooms at Prudential, Merrill
and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY (to give recent examples) are about
as showy as an impound lot. Now some of them _do_ have things like
control centers with lots of screens showing different stuff that the
PHBs will escort tourists past, the floors of those rooms are
carpeted. (And of course, the screens are just for show, since the
important data is going into logfiles and the critical alerts are
going forth via pagers and email).
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