Spare BA* series chassi?

From: John Allain <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 09:36:34 1999

Sean Caron ( (on Nov24,1999 12:47 AM) asked:

> Hi, all.. I've recently upgraded my microVAX II to a III and I have enough
> spare qbus cards around to built another microVAX II, but unfortunently
> no spare chassi.. I've scoured the general area and places like eBay and
> i've not been able to track down anything, so I was wondering if ...

    One was last seen on eBay (OK, epay) over a month ago.
    I would expect to wait over a year to find another.
    It's a pretty specific request.
    An entire uVax would be a more probable find.
         DEC BA23AA Box / Base for VAX or PDP 11
         Started 10/05/99 First bid $5.00, no. of bids 8
         Ends 10/12/99 Currently $51.00

    ...So it looks like its up to classiccmp.
    I've been most amazed with the list so far,
    the quality of the information has been fantastic.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

John A.
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