SCSI trouble on a MicroVAX IIGPX

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Feb 9 11:00:59 2001

Common mistakes are :
         1) leaving a gap in the bus grant chain
         2) plugging in a card backwards (components on wrong side)
         3) plugging a qbus card into a C/D slot (the first
                 four slots on the BA123, first 3 on the BA23)


At 05:25 PM 2/9/01 +0100, you wrote:
>I was recently rummaging through a MicroVAX II GPX, and found the card cage,
>as well as the convenient HD trays. I proceeded, out of curiosity, to remove
>the RZ55 and what seemed like a SCSI card as well as some other card mounted
>above the aforementioned card, connected to the tape drive. After a while, I
>decided to plug it all in again, but the VAX didn't seem to agree with my
>engineering principles. When I had chosen language, I reached the PROM prompt.
>It seemed to take a long time at the "6..." before the prompt, though.
>I know nothing about the VAX prompt, but I know that "b" or "boot" has caused
>it to boot before, so I did thus:
> >>b
> PC=00000EE6
>What could have caused this? Have I inserted the QBUS card incorrectly? Or
>does the SCSI (Is it SCSI at all?) cable have t0o be inserted in any
>particular way into the drive?
>This is rather alarming, I don't wish to have inadvertently destroyed a fine
>VAX. =/
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