Sam on HP-UX. Ugh

From: Tim Harrison <>
Date: Fri Feb 9 11:21:29 2001

Bill Pechter wrote:

> You ain't kidding... my wife did a sam delete user for about
> a dozen users and it ran them in parallel till it locked the machine up
> with too many find . -user xxx -print | xarg rm processes and blew out
> the machine.

I wish I'd even gotten that far. :)
> Bad software <thwack>. Bad. Very bad.
> Bad programmer <thwack>. Bad. Very bad.

You'd think they'd have testing things like that before releasing it. :/
> Boy was AIX's SMIT a ton better at the same time.
> The running guy was a bit much, though.

I always thought that was a hint. Run! Run far! :)

Tim Harrison
Network Engineer
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