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Date: Mon Feb 12 13:18:10 2001

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Hi Rich,

> Anyway, it requires a few SMD components which I can locate at Arrow
> and Pioneer Standard, but there are purchase minimums that I can't meet. I
> can probably order the chips in one-offs but not the SMDs.
> So, I'm looking for the following:
> BAR43C Schottky diode SOT23, common cathode ; has odd pin
> configuration
> BAR43 {same}
> BCW71 transistor, NPN SOT23

All this SMDs shouldn't be special kind, any generic SMD will do for
you after cross-referring them all to find suitable alterative SMDs
off any dud boards, hard drives (like Maxtor 7xxx series. lots of
SMDs there.) I did this all the time to fix anything that has blown
SMDs. They're not too vital since it's all digital low or high also
current is very few mA. Some that has a flat thick tab for soldered
on heat conduction via PCB layer get it from any old hard drives if
it's compatiable enough. Where does these parts goes onto and what
is this circuit section?

> SMSC FDC37C665GT SuperIO chip, QFP100

SMC of this # is found on Asus P/I-P55T4XEG series and few other
late 486 and old pentium boards. Unmount it and put that on your
pet project, it uses 24 MHz input. I have done few times to repair

> Zilog Z8018216FSC1932 Microprocessor, QFP100

This one, I don't know of one to suggest.


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