Sun SPARCstation 2

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Feb 15 21:18:06 2001

On February 15, Jeff Hellige wrote:
> The most base Amiga 1000's have just 256k of RAM and a single
> 880k floppy and require two steps to boot the OS (loading Kickstart
> off of the 1st floppy and then reading Workbench off of the second)
> and will happily run off of that single floppy, even allowing you to
> swap it out for whatever application disk you want to use. This with
> full GUI, sound and all the other nifty things that go along with
> using an Amiga. I no longer recall what the exact size of the
> A1000's Kickstart is but nearly all remaining machines (with the
> exception of a softkicked A3000) had the Kickstart in ROM. Of
> course, there was also the Atari ST line that had it's GEM-based TOS
> totally ROM based and ran well in less than 1meg of RAM, though I've
> never thought their graphics capabilities were on par with the Amiga.

  Amigas rock. A solid operating system with preemptive multitasking
and a GUI in 256K of RAM on a floppy-based system...Amazing! Why
can't Microsoft get it right with thousands of programmers, 800+MHz
processors, hundreds of megabytes of RAM, and gigabytes of disk space?

     -Dave McGuire
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