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From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 12:22:17 2001

Metric is awful for medium sized measurements, though. There isn't a nice
replacement for the "Foot" (Decimeter? I don't think so... besides I think
it's a measuring instrument) And the cc is an awkward unit for measuring
medium sized volumes. Add 600cc of water to your brownie mix? What's wrong
with two cups? Metric is fine for many measurements and I don't care about
switching, as long as we still use Imperial for certain things ( I REFUSE to
go 100 Kilometers per hour, I will always go 60 MPH, and I'll run two miles
a day though two kilometers would be easier :)

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> If I had my druthers, I'd gladly switch to metric for everything.
> American units are stupid, archaic and illogical.
> Call me a Communist.
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