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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 08:06:46 2001

Jason McBrien skrev:

>Metric is awful for medium sized measurements, though. There isn't a nice
>replacement for the "Foot" (Decimeter? I don't think so... besides I think
>it's a measuring instrument) And the cc is an awkward unit for measuring
>medium sized volumes. Add 600cc of water to your brownie mix? What's wrong
>with two cups? Metric is fine for many measurements and I don't care about
>switching, as long as we still use Imperial for certain things ( I REFUSE to
>go 100 Kilometers per hour, I will always go 60 MPH, and I'll run two miles
>a day though two kilometers would be easier :)

Why add 600 ml (I suppose that's what a cc is) when you could just add 6 dl?
Frankly, I have never bothered to learn those odd units used in the
anglophony, since they are archaic beyond reason. I wonder why there hasn't
been a revolution in America, isn't the people tired of using all that inch
and oz stuff?

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