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Date: Thu Mar 8 18:43:28 2001

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 07:19:14PM -0500, Lawrence Walker wrote:
> Oops again. I'm embarassed. Never take it for granted that you
> know your own equipment. After numerous years of banging my
> knee on my PS/2 8580, Chad's msg. piqued me enough to actually
> take off the side (and clean it at the same time). Sure enough it is
> some sort of composite material, altho it must be close to the
> weight of sheet metal. Ditto for the 8560. And of course the PCjr.
> Betrayed by IBM ;^ ( . And My spare 80 even has a crack in it's
> side panel to prove it. Treachorous corporations !! Take that. Ouch.
> The damn handle is indeed steel.

they ARE big beasts aren't they. I can't recall teh model ps/2 I have,
but I know that out of me, my best friend, and a loony housemate, only
the loony housemate could lift it using his little finger alone.

Oh, and the ducted air channels inside. wheee!

Any idea what the composite material *is* ?
While some may consider it sacrelige, I'd love to build up a modern
PC inside that case, but I'd need to do some case mods first... :/

Before you all wince, don't worry. I'm all talk. By the time I'll have
the money and time to do this, I wont have the interest ;)

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