SCSI connectivity

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Mar 10 18:01:31 2001

>Bit faster than the stock ibm scsi controller only minus thing is no
>bus mastering. Still perfect for slower machines. I happen to have
>MCS-700 too and it was OEM version for IBM like yours also. What I
>did was take this connector from old dead HD that uses snap in with
>connector pins that goes through plate through holes. Like on any
>Tandon and early WD stepper type. Exact same connector. Make a F-F
>power cable on 1 pin to 1 pin. Add caps to the missing spaces
>besides the power connector. Done.

        I thought about doing that but don't have any toasted drives
with that style connector that they could donate. I'll have to keep
looking for one. The other thing is that I'd likely have to make a
special short SCSI cable due to the cramped insides of the P70. It'd
be great having a larger drive than the stock 121meg unit though, not
to mention easier to find replacements for.

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