SCSI connectivity

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Date: Sat Mar 10 13:25:37 2001

> I thought about doing that but don't have any toasted drives
> with that style connector that they could donate. I'll have to keep
> looking for one. The other thing is that I'd likely have to make a
> special short SCSI cable due to the cramped insides of the P70. It'd
> be great having a larger drive than the stock 121meg unit though, not
> to mention easier to find replacements for.
> Jeff

I see these oldie peecee stuff all the time. Jeff, if you wish, I
can send you a connector.

To make a short scsi cable. Buy a 3 connectors scsi ribbon cable,
cut the longest end w/ one connector off. This leaves you a just
right length for the P70. Easier with a buck knife or a heavy
solid cast steel scissor not those stamped stainless steel junk that
flexs. :-)

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